Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

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Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

Hi, my name is Ginny, and I have been singing and playing instruments for as long as I can remember. As soon as I had kids, they also got into music. I never have to hound them to practice or anything like that. It is truly a magical family experience. If you want to get your family into music, I want to help. In this blog, I plan to post things on picking the right instruments for little kids, getting kids to practice without nagging them, playing songs the whole family can enjoy and sharing your talents with others. Please explore this blog and enjoy your family's passion for music.


How to Choose an Ideal Clarinet for Beginners

The right entry-level clarinet will help you learn how to play the music and enjoy your time doing so. There are many varying manufacturers of quality instruments therefore making a choice can be challenging. The most expensive clarinet is not necessarily the best for a new student because some models require experience for good results. You can choose to rent or purchase the instrument depending on preference and budget. For instance, you can hire a preferred model to determine if it is right for you before buying to avoid future replacement expenses. Read More 

Digital Or Acoustic - Which Piano Is Best For Your Child?

If your child is starting out with piano lessons, you may be feeling rather confused about the right piano to buy. There are many conflicting points of view about what makes the best beginner piano. By far the most common decision parents face is making the choice between an acoustic or digital piano. This guide will present the pros and cons of each model, so that you can make an informed choice about the right piano for your family. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

It is generally considered to be the case that piano lessons for a child are a good thing. Of course, the child can gain the satisfaction of learning to play songs that are pleasing to the ear, but do the benefits extend beyond the obvious? Is there any way that piano lessons can help with cognitive development for young children? Might piano lessons assist in the growth of your children as they enter difficult teenage years? Read More