Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

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Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

Hi, my name is Ginny, and I have been singing and playing instruments for as long as I can remember. As soon as I had kids, they also got into music. I never have to hound them to practice or anything like that. It is truly a magical family experience. If you want to get your family into music, I want to help. In this blog, I plan to post things on picking the right instruments for little kids, getting kids to practice without nagging them, playing songs the whole family can enjoy and sharing your talents with others. Please explore this blog and enjoy your family's passion for music.


Why Hire a Musical Instrument For Your Child?

Parents who have invested in the musical education of their children in the form of private music tuition sometimes fork out vast sums on instruments only to find that there were better things they could have done with their money. Of course, instrument rental frequently saves money in the long-term because children will often choose to give up their musical education as they get older. That said, opting for an instrument rental scheme rather than purchasing one outright is beneficial for many more reasons than simply saving you money. If you are forking out for music lessons, then why hire an instrument for them to learn on? Read on to find out.

A Wider Choice

When you buy an instrument for your child, there will necessarily be just one choice. The purchase you make will need to be one that is suited to the current and future needs of your child. However, children will often alter their ideas and want to try out lots of different things. Why, then, would you invest several hundred dollars in a trumpet, for example, if, in a few weeks' time, your child has decided that he or she wants to play the saxophone, the drums or the guitar instead? By opting for an instrument rental, you can simply swap the type of instrument your child will have access to at no extra cost.

Hire Something Suitable

Not all instruments you might buy are suited to learning on. For example, you might want to purchase a piano for your child to learn on, but will they be able to take it to lessons or to school so they can play it with others? In such cases, a more suitable instrument might be an electronic keyboard. For younger ones, half-sized violins and guitars are available these days. These are great for renting until your child has outgrown them and wants to proceed to a three-quarter-sized version or even a full-sized one. Remember that the playing needs of children learning an instrument are different from adults who already know the basics.

Enjoy Better Quality

Musical instrument hire means being able to obtain something that might otherwise be out of your budget range. By renting it instead, it will become that much more affordable. Of course, better-quality instruments often sound better, but they are frequently easier to play, too. For example, a more expensive guitar will often have a lower action, which makes the strings easier to press down on when forming chords and so on. What's even better is the fact that some instrument rental companies will allow you to buy the instrument you hire from them if your child becomes attached to theirs.