Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

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Integrating Music into Your Family: Tips from a Family Band

Hi, my name is Ginny, and I have been singing and playing instruments for as long as I can remember. As soon as I had kids, they also got into music. I never have to hound them to practice or anything like that. It is truly a magical family experience. If you want to get your family into music, I want to help. In this blog, I plan to post things on picking the right instruments for little kids, getting kids to practice without nagging them, playing songs the whole family can enjoy and sharing your talents with others. Please explore this blog and enjoy your family's passion for music.


Why Choose a Digital Piano?

These days, more and more people are opting to buy a digital piano for their home rather than the real thing. There are a number of distinct advantages to having a digital piano in your home. If you are considering purchasing a piano and don't yet know whether to go for a digital one or an analogue version, then read on and find out why digital pianos are so popular today.

Exceptional Musicality

Firstly, modern digital pianos provide you with a great deal of dynamic range when you play them. Even those that do not have weighted keys can generate soft and loud sounds depending on how hard you press the keys. Although even the best digital instruments sometimes do not sound quite right, to most people's ears, digital pianos really do emulate what musicians want from their instruments—a great degree of dynamism that allows them to express themselves fully.

Audio Options

If you have a digital piano, then you do not need to annoy everybody else in your home when you are practising. So long as you plug in a pair of headphones, you can carry on playing without anybody else being able to hear. This is especially useful when you are playing the same few bars over and over again to perfect a performance piece, for example. Of course, most digital pianos will have a digital MIDI interface, too, so you can also easily record your performances to listen to them later. This will allow you to work on any areas that might need improving. Some will also offer organ sounds and other keyboard audio options, such as clavichords, too. Obviously, you don't get this option with an analogue piano.

Easy Storage

One of the best things about the digital version of a piano is that it takes up much less room than a conventional one. Even upright pianos require a fair amount of space in the average home. On the other hand, accommodating a digital instrument is much easier because they are smaller, though the keyboard itself is the same size. You can even put one away in a cupboard with ease so that you don't have to have it out all of the time if you don't want to. Furthermore, if you are planning on taking your piano to play at gigs, a digital version will be preferable because it is lighter and easier to transport.